Rideshare board

For the purpose of ridesharing you can use rideshare application of the Center you are traveling to:

DestinationCountryLink to the rideshare application 
Vipassana SlovenijaSloveniarides.server.dhamma.org/si/
Dhamma AtalaItalywww.atala.dhamma.org/rideboard
Dhamma DvāraGermanyrides.server.dhamma.org/dvara/index-en.php
Vipassana AvstrijaAustriarides.server.dhamma.org/at/index-en.php


Share Rideshare Information via an E-mail Group

Special email newsletter group has also been established for ride sharing in Slovenia. The purpose of this specific email group is to arrange ride sharing to and from Vipassana meditation centers. Old students may post in the group; whether they are searching for a ride or offering one.

Students who have not yet attended a full 10-day course, can send their offer or search of a ride, to [email protected]. The request will then be posted in the group.

Old students, who are not yet members of the email newsletter group and wish to become one, may send their request for joining to [email protected].


For more information about rides sharing in Slovenia (for both, new and old students), please contact e-mail address [email protected].