Vipassana meditation is taught on 10-day residential courses, where students are taught the basics of the meditation technique, as well as given plenty of time to exercise the teachings, in order to experience the benefits of the technique. 

The courses, as well as the lodgings and meals are provided for the students free of charge. All these costs are covered solely via donations fund. Every student who has finished a course and found it beneficial, and who wishes to help spreading the technique, is eligible to give a donation.

Here is the link to the international website (in many different languages) of various organizations that offer meditation courses in the aforementioned Vipassana tradition:

In Slovenia we offer several courses per year. Since there is no center in Slovenia, the courses are held at different locations throughout Slovenia. You can find more information about courses in Slovenia on this link.



The courses are being taught in numerous courses all over India and Asia, eight centers in North America, two in Latin America, seven in Europe, seven in Australia and New Zealand and one in Japan. All these centers hold regular 10-day courses based on various schedules. Sometimes, the 10-day courses are organized by students on off-center locations. An alphabetical index of all the courses worldwide in available on the aforementioned website. Vipassana meditation is also taught in several correctional facilities around the world with great success. 

The courses are taught bilingually, always in English, and the local language. Slovenia does not have its own centre yet, that´s why we recommend you attend a course in a country where you understand the spoken language well. 

The closest centre to us is in Italy, about a 5-hour drive from Ljubljana. The courses are held two or three times a month, the schedule can be seen on the website of the Vipassana Center Dhamma Atala Italy. Occasionally, a course will be organized in Austria or Serbia. Serbia will have Serbo-Croatian as the local instruction language (besides English).

More information can be found on